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When The Time Is Right For Winterizing Your Basement

When the leaves start to change, smart homeowners start checking their homes for insulation, heat loss, and potential winter damage from moisture.

The National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI), rated insulation and general home inspection as the two top priorities for homeowners at this time of year.

And the people in the basement waterproofing industry couldn’t agree more.

“Actually, the average isn’t really sure how to go about such an inspection,” says Everdry Waterproofing Marketing Manager Paul Trecharichi.

“That’s why we offer a free basement inspection and a special winterizing program.”

“Our experts will check all the basement walls for moisture, the foundation, crawl spaces — everywhere that moisture can start and create problems that, if unattended, can add up to big problems later on.  We’ll determine what if any work needs to be done, and give a firm estimate.  We’ll also offer helpful ideas on how the basement, once dried up, can create exciting new living and leisure space — and raises the value of the home in the process,” he says.

Everdry Waterproofing’s patented waterproofing system is guaranteed for the life of the home, regardless of how many times it is sold.  “And the place to start is right at the bottom — in the basement.”

“Common sense tells you that this is the time to winterize the home,” adds Trecharichi.

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  1. Basement leak under control for now. Basement waterproofing added to the list of home projects. Now eating popcorn, deservedly.

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