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Spring Is Here, Time For Basement Waterproofing?

basement waterproofing spring storms

Spring is finally here, and although some of us are catching up to the warmer weather more slowly than others, it’s surely on its way. And for our basements, that means plenty of snow melting, potential foundation crack leakage, and lots of rainstorms to keep those sump pumps working hard!

So what are some things to look for as our foundations emerge from the long, cold winter?

Well, it’s always a good idea to do a bit of a “Pre-Spring” home health audit, if you will. The last thing you want is to be surprised with a flooded basement the first time we get a big thunderstorm!

1. Perform an exterior inspection of your home. Are there any cracks forming at or just above ground level? Are your gutter downspouts connected and extended at least 4 feet from your home? How well does the soil grade away from your home? These are all things that can have big impacts on the health of your home.

2. Complete an interior sweep. Are your sump pumps working well? Should you consider a battery backup pump? Are there any new cracks forming on the walls or floor, or has the foundation begun to bow or shift at all? Is there any potential for leaky window or door frames?

Spending an hour making sure your home is ready for the Spring storms far outweighs having to deal with a flooded basement and other basement waterproofing issues after it’s too late. Be proactive this year! If you’re not quite sure what to look for, or need help fixing up problems you’ve already identified, call a professional out for a secondary inspection!

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