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No Leak In Basement? Winter Can Fool You

One of the problems with winter is that it can hide some serious problems.

Like a leaky basement.

A lot of people think since basements don’t leak in the winter, they don’t have to worry about that damp, leaky basement until Spring.

“Not so,” says Everdry Waterproofing Marketing Manager Paul Trecharichi. “In fact, with the freeze-thaw cycles we normally experience around her, winter can do a lot of damage to the basement, even if there is no sign of a leak.

“There’s no leak because the water in the ground freezes in the winter. However, so does the water trapped in the block of the home’s foundation. The effect is the same as filling a bottle with water and storing it in the freezer — the water will freeze, expand and crack the bottle.

“The same forces are at work in the basement walls, and that’s what causes some of those tiny — or not so tiny — cracks.

“Expansion and contraction causes the cracks to worsen, and allows more water to seep through in the spring,” he adds.

“Naturally, it makes sense to fix the problem before winter comes — just as it makes sense to rustproof a before it begins to rust out.”

Everdry Waterproofing works on these problems all winter long, and offers home owners a free basement waterproofing inspection, not only to identify what the problems may or may not be, but to show how they can be resolved and the basement made dry and useable again.

The company also offers a lifetime-of-the-house warranty on its patented method.

“That’s a warranty that really means something,” Trecharichi says.  “We’ve waterproofed more than 80,000 homes in the 30 plus years we’ve been in business, and we’re still getting nice notes from customers back then who are enjoying the added space and use they’ve gotten over the years from their dry basements.”

That customer confidence and support, he says, has helped Everdry Waterproofing expand steadily.  Located in Macedonia, the company now has 20 locations around the country.

“Another factor is our free basement inspection policy,” he adds.  “Our inspectors know exactly what to look for and determine what will solve the problem.  If it’s a problem the property owner can fix himself, we’ll tell him that and even give diy advice.  If the problem is more severe, we’ll explain exactly what we will do to solve it.”

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