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Keep Your Basement Dry: Check Those Pumps!

When it comes to keeping our basements and crawl spaces dry, you won’t find many components working harder than your sump pump. Depending on how much water you’ve got surrounding your foundation, your pump could easily be on full-time duty; working as often as a few times a minute! Take a look at this video of a homeowner who is certainly well versed in the benefits of basement waterproofing and an operational sump pump:

Does seeing that much water give you chills down your spine?

The importance of the sump pump cannot be understated. It is your last line of defense against your basement or crawl space flooding, so wouldn’t you want to spend some time making sure it’s operating properly? We thought so, too.

An expensive and messy disaster can be averted by taking a few simple precautions in advance:

  1. Consider investing in a battery-operated backup sump pump system. This can be a lifesaver in more situations than one. Whether your home experiences a total power outage, your primary pump burns out, or your primary pump simply can’t keep up with the amount of water coming in; your battery backup can often mean the difference between a dry and a flooded basement.
  2. Check your existing pumps on a regular basis. Make an effort to add checking your sump pumps to your regular home maintenance schedule. We recommend you check your pumps at least once or twice a month. You can do this by filling a 5 gallon bucket with water from your slop sink and pouring it directly into your sump basin. If your pump goes off, you’re good to go. If it’s taking a little longer than you like for your sump pump to discharge the water, consider calling a professional to make sure everything is working okay.
  3. Keep that lid tight, and keep the pump area clean. It’s surprisingly common for something to make it’s way into the sump basin, get itself jammed inside of the pump water intake, and prevent the pump from doing it’s job, potentially causing a flood situation. We’ve heard all the stories; kids toys, plastic bags, even underwear from the laundry area! Keep your pump clear of obstructions and make sure the lid is secure and protecting your pump at all times.
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