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How Do You Know When It’s Time to Make the Call?


Being a homeowner certainly comes with its ups and downs. Of course, the thrill of owning a new home far outweighs any worry over renovations, repairs, and updates. But as time goes on, we notice little things, big things, and everything in between––and start putting more and more time into fixing things up.

There are large projects and small projects––some we can handle ourselves, and some we reach out to professional contractors for. When it comes to basement waterproofing, there are certainly things we can do ourselves. For example, if you notice a hairline crack appear suddenly on one of your basement walls, you might try sealing it with masonry caulk; if the water pressure isn’t very significant, that just might do the trick. A lot of us also like to replace pumps every so often.

But if problems persists, and walls begin to deteriorate (i.e. peeling paint, crumbling concrete, large cracks), professional basement waterproofing may be something to consider. This usually involves the installation of drainage pipe, exterior excavations, and cement work that may test the skills and patience of even the most handy homeowner!

So if you find yourself going back for round 3 on a quick fix for a leak that just won’t go away, notice more cracks than you can keep up with, or notice any type of black mold at all, you might want to consider making the call to a basement waterproofing professional who can come out for a free inspection.

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