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Basement Waterproofing and Melting Snow: What You Need to Know

Basement WaterproofingIf you are shoveling heavy snow right now, you need to protect your basement come spring.  When all the snow melts the water seeps into the soil and it can make its way into the basement or crawlspace.

But how much water does snow that really equate to? The standard is 10 inches of snow equals about one inch of rain.  However, some areas have denser snow that is heavier and wetter.  How much water does that really mean? One inch of rain implies water one inch deep per surface area.  Therefore, one inch of rain equals 5.61 gallons per square yard, 27,150 gallons per acre and 17.37 gallons per square mile.  According to the U.S. Geological Survey, one inch of rain off a typical roof equals 1,743 gallons!  That is a lot of water!

If you are knee deep in snow, you should be concerned about it getting into your basement if you don’t take certain precautions.

The water in the soil from melting snow can enter your basement through cracks or gaps in the foundation. It is important to make sure your foundation is free from cracks.  Another common place water enters your basement is through broken or damaged seals on basement windows.

There are thing you can do to combat the melting snow problem with basement waterproofing.  The same rules go for snow as rain. The number one rule in basement waterproofing is never let water drain directly next to the foundation. Therefore, don’t let snow pile up next to the house by the foundation. Sweep away snow from the basement windows and window wells. Remove icicles that form near basement windows.  Make sure the downspouts and drains are directing water away from the house and out into the yard.  If you see ice dams forming make sure you break them up and move the ice pieces away from the basement.

Trying to keep the snow and ice away from your foundation will help prevent the melted snow from getting inside your home.

Overall, a basement waterproofing system will help keep your basement dry whether it is rain, snow or ice that threatens it.

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